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Distinction: Street Banner Art Competition

The Distinction: Street Banner Art Competition was launched in September 2018 in the Flatbush Avenue BID and consisted of an art competition and pop-up art gallery. The art competition invited local novice and professional artists to submit artwork based on the theme of Distinction. Fifteen artists were included in the gallery phase of the competition where their work was displayed in one of eight participating businesses in the Flatbush Avenue BID. The public, in conjunction with a panel of judges, voted for the finalists.  On Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 eleven banner winners (see below) were announced at the Distinction: Art Show & Reception. The winning artwork will appear on sponsored street banners to be displayed across the Flatbush Avenue BID for about one year.

We have highlighted our 15 artists and their art work in this Artist Catalog. Below is the listing of where their art was found from November 19th, 2018 – December 17th, 2018 during the pop-up gallery.  We would like to thank the Flatbush Avenue BID businesses who hosted our pop-up art gallery:

  • Style Eyes Optical – 1005 Flatbush Avenue
    • “Belle Machan” by Yvena Despagne (banner winner)
    • “Little Caribbean Brooklyn” by Ramon Madden (banner winner)
  • FIB Tattoo Bar – 1051 Flatbush Avenue
    • “hardwired” by Rhythm Harris
    • “The Tiger Kite” by Duke Yun
    • Downtown Home” by Denae Howard (banner winner)
  • Globe Electronics – 725 Flatbush Avenue
    • “Jab Jab” by Monica Crespo (banner winner)
    • The Big Guy” by Ariama Long
  • Lola’s Hair – 737 Flatbush Avenue
    • “Honey Buns” by Niaya Nix (banner winner)
    • “Queen Kundalini” by K’aree Lymon
  • Affinity Health Plan – 857 Flatbush Avenue
    • “Fathers Day at Emmanuel” by Answerd Stewart (banner winner)
  • Three Stars Unisex Salon – 871 Flatbush Avenue
    • “Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown” by Patrice Robinson (banner winner)
  • Diva Lingerie – 937 Flatbush Avenue
    • “Green Gold” by Rachel Kohn (banner winner)
    • “Ditmas Hibiscus” by Christine Newman (banner winner)
  • McDonald’s – 943 Flatbush Avenue
    • “Together” by Academy of Hospitality and Tourism (banner winner)
    • “Shades of Blue” by Megan Summer McSween (banner winner)

We would also like to thank the judges who took time from their busy schedules to provide their professional expertise in review of the art. You can review more information about our judges here.

  • Amelia Calsi, Groundswell
  • Amy Andrieux, MoCADA
  • Ayoka Wiles-Abel, Brooklyn Arts Council
  • Justin Aversano, Save Art Space
  • Naomi Hersson-Ringskog, No Longer Empty
  • Nathan Thompson, McCann Erickson Worldwide
  • Shelley Worrell, CaribBeing
  • Sheryll Durrant, Kelly Street Garden

Thank you to The Zombie House (734 Flatbush Avenue) for hosting the Distinction: Art Show & Reception and Peppa’s Jerk Chicken (738 Flatbush Avenue location) for catering the event!

Banners will be installed on lampposts in the Flatbush Avenue BID in March 2019.

This public art campaign supported by: