New York City will provide relief for small businesses across the City seeing a reduction in revenue because of COVID-19.

Clean, Safe, & Welcoming

Security Program. Maintaining safety within the District. The BID ended its long term security guard program on June 30, 2019 and will be replacing it with an updated security program which will focus on increasing security cameras throughout the BID, better collaboration with NYPD, and increased outreach to create a safer environment for everyone who uses the BID. To report a concern, please contact the BID at 718-282-2500 x66351.

Supplemental Sanitation. Maintaining an environment free of litter and graffiti.
The BID provides supplemental sidewalk and tree pit cleaning, removal of graffiti and posters from buildings and street furniture, and clearing of excess snow contracted through Atlantic Maintenance. Our dedicated and friendly sanitation workers, Ignacio, Tirso, and Basilico, have been on duty since the late 1990s. BID businesses and property owners are encouraged to report sanitation-related problems as they arise by contacting the BID at 718-282-2500, x66351.

Banners. Maintaining a welcoming environment. 
The BID hangs banners on street light poles along Flatbush Avenue from Parkside Avenue to Cortelyou Road, adding vibrancy and a seasonally themed look to the BID’s streetscape. For information on becoming a sponsor of the banner program, please contact Lauren Elvers Collins at 718-282-2500, x66351 or [email protected].