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National Grid Street Work on Flatbush, Tilden, & Albemarle

Over the next few weeks, National Grid will be doing street work (including adjacent intersections) to improve reliability of their gas system on the following streets (Reference # T101851422):

Tilden Ave. from Flatbush Ave. to Bedford Ave.
Flatbush Ave. from Tilden Ave. to Snyder Ave.
Albemarle Rd. from Flatbush Ave. to Bedford Ave.

What to expect during construction:
Typically, work performed by National Grid will begin with the installation of new gas pipe either in the street or sidewalk. The excavation required will be backfilled at the end of each day. Steel plates will be used to cover any excavations left open allow vehicular traffic, and provide access to driveways, steps, and walkways.

The entire work area will be kept clean and orderly, and attempts will be made to keep noise, dust, and debris to a minimum. All material required on site will be stored neatly in designated areas.

All or part of your gas service may have to be replaced. In order to complete this work, we must gain access to your home at the point where the service enters the building (basement, crawlspace, etc.). If this is the case, you will be contacted by a National Grid representative to make an appointment.

Some excavations may need to remain open until all gas services have been transferred, at which point the old main will be retired and the openings backfilled.

All street & sidewalk surfaces affected by the construction will be repaved to ensure a smooth surface. Temporary asphalt pavement will be used until all National Grid work is complete and permanent restoration can be performed.

Concrete openings should be restored within 21 days, with the exception of work done in mid-winter. Some delays may occur due to inclement weather or when the temperature is too cold to pour concrete.